Internal Filter IFXE 200

Internal Filter IFXE 200

AquaManta IFXE Internal Filters provide biological, mechanical and chemical filtration as well as providing circulation and aeration. With a range of outlet options, these filters can be modified based on the needs of the aquarium.


Coldwater, Tropical, Marine


Volt: 220-240V AC: 50-60Hz, Wattage: 13W, Flow Rate: 1000L/hr, Aquarium volume: 200L

Spare Parts

Code: A9026I, Item: Impeller - Aquamanta IFXE 200/ PHX 200 026i, Code: A9026S, Item: Sponge - Aquamanta IFXE 200 (2pk) 026s, Code: A9026C, Item: Carbon Cartridge - Aquamanta IFXE 200 (2pk) 026c

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