Internal Filter IFX 100

Internal Filter IFX 100

The IFX filter provides excellent biological, checmical and mechanical filtration. The system can be expanded and customised to suit. The outlet flow return can be adjusted as required.


Coldwater, Tropical, Marine


Volt: 220-240V AC: 50Hz, Wattage: 7.1W, Flow Rate: 600L/hr, Aquarium volume: 100L

Spare Parts

Code: A9017I, Item: Impeller - IFX 100 017i, Code: A9019S, Item: Sponge – Phosphate IFX 100 (2pk) 019s, Code: A9018S, Item: Sponge – 15ppi IFX 100 (2pk) 018s, Code: A9017C, Item: Carbon Cartridge - IFX 100 (1pk) 017c, Code: A1172E, Item: Internal Filter Expander Module IFX 100

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